International License

Special guaranteed rates and low commissions thanks to our international license.

Safe and Easy Interface

Unique crypto currency experience with user-friendly interface and 256-bit encryption.

Various Payment Methods

Make transactions from anywhere in the world at any time for your money transactions, whether by credit card or bank transfer.

All Digital Assets in One App

  • $

You can buy, hold and send cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies like Bitcoin at the best possible exchange rate

Crypto Wallet
  • Buying, Selling and Swap Transactions
  • Low commission, high exchange rate
  • BTC, ETH, XRP many more
Fiat Wallet
  • Buying and Selling Transactions
  • Low commission, high exchange rate
  • EUR and USD

High Daily Limit

High daily transfer limits for our authenticated members

2-step security

Your assets are always safe with our two-step security and verification methods.

Rapid asset transactions

Buy, sell and send instantly through our mobile and desktop applications.

What is Fizzyex?

Fizzyex is a platform developed for those who want to enter the world of Crypto Money, offering the opportunity to easily buy, sell, transfer and accumulate Crypto Money without using complex graphic and analysis tools. It is designed for users who are new to the Crypto Money world to easily make transactions.

Fizzyex facilitates the Crypto Money buying and selling process for you. You can easily buy and sell Crypto Money in Fizzyex, just like buying and selling foreign currency.

After you become a member of Fizzyex, you can immediately start buying and selling Crypto Money by sending US Dollars or Euros from a bank account on your behalf.

After logging into Fizzyex, you can see all Crypto Money buying and selling prices on the panel on the same screen and complete all your transactions on a single screen with a few clicks.